We care deeply about our beautiful planet

STMNA Bioactives was founded with nature and the planet in mind. We got the inspiration for our products from nature. Therefore, we are committed to always improving and working towards a more sustainable business. This includes reducing plastic waste, reducing our carbon footprint and improving the ethical sourcing of our ingredients.

Our values

As a new business in the health & wellness industry, we have the responsibility to disrupt and go against normal business practices in order to help the planet.

Every business decision made at STMNA Bioactives is to improve the health and wellbeing of our people and I believe this cannot be done without also improving the health of the planet. We source our ingredients from nature, and therefore we MUST give back to nature.

No more single use plastic vitamin bottles, no more fillers or synthetic ingredients, no more ignorance about where the ingredients have come from.

Our ingredients

Our ingredients are extracts of plant roots, seeds or gum resin. 

The plant extracts are tested for quality, purity and contamination. We have very high standards and any ingredient that doesn’t meet the standard will not be used.

We combine the plant extracts into vegan capsules. This is so we don’t need to use any fillers or toxic compounds to make a tablet. We don’t use any sweeteners or sugar. Everything is as natural as possible.

Our packaging

The first month of your bioactives will be delivered in a Miron glass jar. The glass is a deep violet colour is a unique biophotonic glass for natural products. It protects our bioactive capsules from degradation due to UV light exposure, it prolongs shelf life and protects the potency of our products.

We have decided to deliver this beautiful glass jar in your first month and each subsequent month, to deliver a refill pouch. The idea is to pour this refill into your glass jar. You can then use these refill pouches for when you go travelling so you don’t lug around a glass jar, or you could use the pouch for a range of other things. If you do not want to keep it, then you can dispose of it as per the below instructions.

When we started STMNA, we tried our hardest to have completely compostable/ plastic-free packaging. We are aware that the vitamin/ supplement industry contribute millions of plastic single-use vitamin bottles to landfill each year. However, as a requirement of the TGA to list a complementary medicine, we needed packaging that ensured 2 year shelf life minimum. To achieve a two year shelf life, we need packaging that insulates from heat and light. This ensures our product does not reduce in potency or efficacy. 

The solution was to use plastic pouches lined with aluminium. The good news is that these pouches have been approved to be recycled with the REDcycle program, so make sure to take advantage of this. 

We are certain that compostable pouch technology to package and protect our capsules is not too far off.



We founded our business with sustainability in the forefront of our minds.

The glass jar is designed to keep and reuse. If you stop subscribing with us, you might like to use the jard for something else like jewellery or travelling.

Our refills pouches are recycled through the REDcycle program, so please take them into any Coles or Woolies after use.

Otherwise keep them for when you are travelling with STMNA.

We are working hard to find a fully compostable pouch that keeps our capsules safe from heat, water and UV light so it keeps fresh for two years. We don’t think the technology is too far away in Australia!

They are effectively the same product however the pouch is designed to be a refill.

We send you the glass jar for the first month of your subscription and then a refill each month after. Simply pour the refill into the jar and keep reusing the jar.

Of course – just email us at and we will mail you another jar!


Yes – through the REDcycle program.

Drop it off with your soft plastics to Coles or Woolies.

Please don’t place in your normal curb recycling or rubbish.

We understand the importance of empowering consumers to actively participate in reducing packaging waste, which is why our implementation of the Roll’n’Recycle system enables easy recycling of pouches in standard home recycle bins, unlike the return-to-store soft plastics that the REDcycle promised. Through our adoption of Roll’n’Recycle, we are proud to contribute to the advancement of sustainable packaging practices in the industry and have packaging that is fully circular, staying well out of landfill.

The pouch is great to keep and reuse as well.

If you are travelling and want to take STMNA with you, place the capsules in there.

Otherwise use the pouches for hairties, makeup, jewellery, soap or whatever you feel like!