Why subscriptions?

STMNA Bioactive formulations
are unique for 3 reasons:

  • They are strongly backed by scientific evidence
  • The single daily dose is the therapeutic dosage
  • They work in synergy to improve the effect compared to the individual compounds

Our formulations are designed so carefully and scientifically that it is important to us that you give STMNA formulations 1-3 months to have their full effect.

We know that if you take it every day for 3+ months consistently you will feel the powerful benefits! Sounds easy right?

Not to mention the other benefits of having STMNA delivered directly to your door each month so there’s no need to go to the store.

We also love to hear about your progress, want to support you and teach you about what you are taking and why it will benefit you so get in touch any time!

We promise our subscription plans have no surprises, you get to choose the length, you can pause or cancel anytime and above all we are here to support you. You can access all these features from your profile once you sign up.

Here are the 3 options: