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STMNA Bioactive Supplements suggest: Balance is key!

As the New Year unfolds most of us are filled with aspiration of a fresh start, reflection on the previous year and a feeling of excitement for what the New Year may hold. As the fireworks light up the sky and the clock strikes 12, many of us will take a moment to set resolutions for the New Year, in hope of living as a better version of ourselves.

Alas, based on my own experience with resolutions from previous years, my expectations are often too high, and I find myself falling short of reaching them. Sometimes, the resolution itself is unsustainable, so I tend to give up altogether after a few months.

Does this sound like a pattern that you may be all too familiar with?

Well, I have some great news for you. This blog is designed to help debunk some of the most common resolutions we tend to set for ourselves, revamping them with some assistance from STMNA, and turning your resolutions around to become more sustainable and achievable.

I firmly believe that a sense of achievement does wonders for your mind, body and soul.

Let’s dive straight in with the most popular resolution set out by thousands of people year after year – crash dieting! I want to emphasise that you are not alone in setting out the ‘I will go on a diet’ resolution. So many of us want to look and feel our best.  

What better way than a fresh new year and a trendy new fad diet? Marketers from various weight loss companies know that the start of the year is the most vulnerable times for us consumers to get enticed by wonderful slogans such as ‘new year, new you’, ‘say goodbye to the year and the extra kilos’ or ‘start the year feeling great and lose weight’. This is when they swoop in and bombard you with ads on the tv, your inboxes, on your social media feeds, and even in your mail, featuring beautiful advertisements of slim, smiling people and words that appeal to your current frame of mind. Of course, you would want what they have, and if the solution is as simple as following ‘that’ plan, taking ‘this’ supplement, or drinking ‘that’ drink, why not just do it? The savings that often come with this diet are just making the deal even sweeter!

But what are these short-term, 8 weeks to a few months’ diets doing to our body?

The weight has come off, now what? 

When it comes to crash diets, many of those ‘quick fix’ solutions never disclose what happens after the diet or program has ended. When someone comes off a crash diet we start to indulge, revert to our ‘normal’ routine, and before we know it, the weight has come back on, and we are back at square one, but why?

The main reason for this is that these diets are only ever temporary, unsustainable long-term, and harmful to your body.

They are designed to shock the system and put your body it into a suspended fight or flight mode. As your body is unable to choose the flight option it is forced to switch to survival mode. Crash diets cause nutrient deficiencies as they don’t provide a balanced array of food to fuel your system. They force your body to start using your muscle and fat reserves just to function and survive, tricking the body to believe that you are starving and slowing the metabolism down altogether. These diets cause internal imbalances that lead to irritability and lack of focus, as well as making you susceptible to common colds because you simply don’t have enough of the good stuff in your system to help your body fight it off. The damage inflicted by crash diets is extensive, rendering them an unsuitable strategy for long-term health goals.

Short-term pain doesn’t equal to long-term gain in this instance. If you want further information have a chat with a health care professional.

So, what should I do instead of a crash diet if I have set out ‘diet’ as my New Year’s resolution? 

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a quick fix solution, but I can provide you with several alternatives that could help you along your healthy eating journey.

In my experience, and I know others will agree, that balance and sustainability are key to losing and keeping weight off. Instead of succumbing to the allure of crash diets or completely changing the way you eat, start looking at alternative solutions that can be implemented to your everyday diet – small, consistent changes can make a substantial impact.  

Add more colour to your plate, incorporating an extra glass of water into your daily routine, swap white foods for whole grains, slightly reduce your portion size or go to sleep a little earlier to reduce the risk of late-night snacking.

Moreover, allow for occasional indulgences from time to time– if your body is craving something why not listen to it and give it what it needs, satisfy the craving in a small amount will prevent a downward spiral of inability to stop eating a certain food if the craving is unmet.

Balance is key and our supplements can help!

These small sustainable changes will contribute to your overall health and your goal without the drastic measures associated with crash diets. For those seeking inspiration, education, or motivation on their health journey, a myriad of resources is readily available. These resources can guide you towards sustainable practices and help you navigate the complexities of making healthier choices in your daily life.

Finally, to further enhance your health journey, consider integrating STMNA’s Healthspan capsules into your morning routine. This power-packed daily capsule will only enhance your overall health and support you through this health journey.

The daily supplement capsules will take care of your gut flora which helps with healthy weight loss. They’re full of antioxidants and other powerful plant compounds, which will support your mood, and energy levels and help with sleep. Designed for daily use that will easily fit into your routines already set.

In summary, this blog advocates for realistic resolutions and sustainable practices, steering clear of the pitfalls associated with crash diets. By embracing small, consistent changes, utilising valuable resources, and incorporating the support of STMNA Bioactives supplements, you can pave the way for a healthier, more balanced, and ultimately more achievable new year.

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