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Natural plant extracts with unique active compounds that work in synergy and naturally enhances bioavailability, all in a single daily dose. 

Plant-based bioactives that are scientifically proven to optimise your daily health and to prolong your healthspan*

Healthspan has 33 scientific indications, the main benefits are:

  • Reduces inflammation and mild joint pain
  • Helps improve metabolism function
  • Relieves symptoms of indigestion and IBS
  • Helps relieve symptoms of stress and mild anxiety
  • Enhances energy levels
  • Supports mood and wellbeing
  • Supports cognitive function, concentration, clarity and memory
  • Enhances sleep quality

For a full list, please see the research page

60 vegan capsules. 30 daily doses.

Healthspan is a scientific formulation that contains six potent bioactives extracted from plants. The formulation is combined into a single daily dose of two capsules in the morning.

Our founder and lead biochemist, Holly, carefully chose each ingredient to work synergistically and to be at a therapeutic dose. This means that the formulation is a powerful plant fuelled complementary medicine.

The formula contains bioactives that target the root cause of many daily health issues including inflammation, stress related oxidation and stressors from the environment. By reducing these common problems, we also prevent early aging and reduce our risk of developing chronic illnesses, thereby increasing our ‘healthspan’.

The formula contains the anti-inflammatories Curcumin and Boswellia; the antioxidants grapeseed extract and resveratrol; the adaptogen ashwagandha; and Piperine to aid absorption.

Healthspan is listed on the Australian Register for Therapeutic goods (ARTG) governed by the TGA.

The license is AUST L 376331

Our newest formulation ‘Healthspan’ contains 6 x potent bioactive compounds extracted from plants. The active ingredients per capsule are:

  • Curcumin (Turmeric extract) _________________________ 105.26 mg
  • Boswellia serrata _______________________________________ 200 mg
  • Ashwagandha __________________________________________ 100 mg
  • Grape seed extract ______________________________________ 50 mg
  • Resveratrol _____________________________________________ 100 mg
  • Piperine __________________________________________________ 5 mg

Read more about the ingredients that make up Healthspan below.

Take two capsules in the morning with breakfast.

‘Healthspan’ gives you an energy boost, a clear mind and motivation which is most important in the morning.

It is highly recommended you see a health professional before starting any supplement. If symptoms persist or worsen, talk to your medical practitioner. If you are pregnant or lactating, do not take without consulting a health professional before use. Resveratrol may affect the way come medicines work including Warfarin. Consult a health care professional before using with other medicines. Not suitable for children. Do not use if foil seal is broken or tampered with. Store at 25°C in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

The bioactive compounds used in Healthspan are extracted from plants and concentrated to a therapeutic dose. We combine the extracts and add them to vegan capsules. There are no nasty fillers, toxins, preservatives, sweeteners or caking agents. 

Bioactives are unique as they can’t be obtained through a balanced diet alone. Our ingredients are responsibly sourced from all around the world and manufactured in Australia.

Our capsules are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

You will be sent a reusable MIRON glass jar for the first month of your subscription and then a refill pouch each month after. Simply pour the refill into the jar and keep reusing the jar. 

Tip: the pouch is a great lightweight option to carry your STMNA when travelling!

The pouch is made of sustainable material and can be recycled through the REDcycle program meaning you can drop them off at any Coles/Woolworths with your soft plastics!

Good things take time. Our science shows the formulation takes on average 3 months to reach its optimal potential. Beyond 3 months, it continues to improve your healthspan by reducing long-term inflammation, oxidation and chronic stress.

You choose your desired subscription length, we send it to you each month and you will be automatically billed based on your subscription length. 

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, free of charge. Please email: for any further questions.

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  Gluten free  

No sweeteners

  No fillers  

   Non GMO   


Australian made


Bioactive compounds are the molecules found in specific plants that have an active effect on certain biochemical pathways in the body.

Plant bioactives are NOT vitamins as they are unique compounds found in plants, we as humans do not need them to survive, however they have scientifically proven benefits to our bodies.

Vitamins are always at a certain concentration in our blood as we get them from our diet, and we need them to survive.

Plant bioactives are not at a high enough concentration to have a therapeutic effect if we obtain them from eating plants. They also may not be absorbed well in the gut.

Therefore, we need to extract them from the plants, concentrate them and increase their absorption to be therapeutic.

Our formula ensures each compound is extracted and concentrated to the right dose, with optimal absorption.

How DOES 'Healthspan' BENEFIT YOU?

Do you struggle with low energy? Daily pain & inflammation? Or poor gut health?

Whatever your daily health concerns are, we are certain Healthspan has got you covered as there are 33 scientifically proven health benefits.

Still not convinced Healthspan is right for you?

Simply complete our personalised quiz to find out!

What makes STMNA BIOACTIVES special?


STMNA Bioactives was founded by a female biochemist and is scientifically focused. Each compound chosen was based off double blind placebo clinical trials, peer-reviewed scientific articles and high-quality reviews. You can find all these articles in the research tab.


Our formulations are combined into vegan capsules, do not contain any fillers, are extracted from plants, are gluten free, and are non-GMO.

Each plant extract is tested to ensure they are free from contaminations like bacterial, fungus and heavy metals. They are also tested to ensure they are of high purity.


Our bioactive capsules are formulated, tested, and packaged in a TGA approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Sydney.

Customer focused

What sets us apart from other supplement brands is that we want to get to know you! Get in touch with our Founder in a 1:1 intro call to ask any questions or to go through a holistic health plan to get back on track with your health!

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Reduces inflammation, joint pain and supports a healthy cholesterol.

Boswellia serrata

Supports gut health, reduces joint pain and inflammation.


Improves energy levels and sleep, and reduce stress, anxiety and brain fog.

Grape seed extract

Reduces free radical damage, supports collagen and skin health.



Helps reduce free radicals in the body, and supports age related ailments.


Increases absorption of curcumin by 20x and of resveratrol by 15x.