Holly Williamson, BSc (Hons). Founder, lead Chemist and Molecular Biologist.

STMNA Bioactives Founder and Formulator is an expert in biochemistry. She studied at the Australian National University and completed first class honours in molecular biochemistry.

She has a keen interest in how molecules interact with receptors in your body to produce cascading biochemical changes. While studying she learned that the majority of new medications that are being discovered are found from nature. They are then usually modified and synthetically produced so pharmaceutical companies can patent them. 

It wasn’t until Holly herself was struggling with poor gut health and had tried all prescription medication and taking at least 3 antacids a day that she tried herbal extracts. She took these for about 2-3 months and all symptoms were completely relieved.

She then delved into the area of what has the “active” effect in plant extracts and was overwhelmed with the amount of scientific research that was being conducted on their health benefits. Yet, there was a mismatch between the health supplement market and the scientific evidence. She then made it her mission to communicate and share the wealth of knowledge in this area to the public in order to help people feel healthier and happier! She believes that going back to using the healing nature of plants is the answer to better health.

She founded STMNA Bioactives: natural, science backed bioactive compounds to optimise your health, delivered to your door every month!

I believe everybody wants to improve their health, but it’s hard to know which supplements are right for you, if you come along this journey with me you will learn the science behind our bioactives and why it will benefit you specifically. We will teach you about the power of natural compounds, when given at the correct dosage and with optimal bioavailability.



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The 10-minute video introduction with the founder is designed to meet the founder, ask any questions you have about our products, the business, shipping, or the website. It is a good opportunity to provide feedback if something is not entirely clear. Seeing as we want to educate our customers by providing scientific research, it may not always be extremely clear or simple to understand.

We do not provide any medical advice.

Always seek professional medical advice from your General Practitioner, Pharmacist, or a qualified health professional before starting any new health supplement. If you have any questions regarding your medical condition and/ or the interactions with current prescription medications with our Supplements, always contact your General Practitioner or a qualified health professional.

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