Extracted from nature,
formulated by A female

Plant-based bioactives that are scientifically proven to optimise your daily health and to prolong your healthspan.

Extracted from nature,
formulated by A female

Plant-based bioactives that are scientifically proven to optimise your daily health and to prolong your healthspan.

our difference:



We carefully choose our formulations based on strong scientific backing. We also combine clinical evidence from many trials with knowledge of age old traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicinal uses.



The bioactive compounds are extracted from plants and concentrated to a therapeutic dose. We combine the extracts and add them to capsules. There are no nasty fillers, toxins, preservatives, sweeteners or caking agents. Our capsules are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.



Our packaging is completely recyclable, and infinitely reusable. We have a refill pouch that you can pour into your beautiful MIRON glass jar. The pouches are great from travelling too. Our ingredients are responsible sourced from all around the world and manufactured in Australia.

prolong your 'healthspan'

Why choose STMNA Bioactives?

STMNA [stamina] bioactive formulations are natural plant-extracts, fully backed by scientific evidence to support daily health as well as healthy ageing. They unlock your body’s full potential – to be healthier for longer or improving your “healthspan”.

what is healthspan?

Healthspan is a term used to describe the period of a person’s life during which they are generally healthy and free from significant illness or chronic disease.

Due to many factors such as lifestyle choices, environmental factors, chronic stress, mental health and sedentary lifestyle, the average ‘healthspan’ is rapidly declining.

While anti-aging and increasing lifespan are popular topics, we believe that increasing the time you are healthy for is the key to wellbeing.

What if we told you there was a simple step you can take today to put your health first and increase your healthspan?



Take the quiz

We want to get to know you! Help us understand your current health situation and goals as every ‘body’ is unique. 


Choose your preferred subscription plan

The science shows that our formulation reaches its full potential after 3 months. We know people live busy lives so we take care of sending you refills each month. You are in control of your subscription length and can pause or cancel any time. 


Bioactives delivered directly to you

STMNA formulates multiple bioactives into a single daily dose, so no need to take handfuls of pills! With the convenience of home delivery, no need to go to the store and end up spending way too much.  


Curcuma longa rhizome extract

Bioactive compound: Curcuminoids       

Reynoutria japonica extract

Bioactive compound: Resveratrol 

Boswellia serrata extract

Bioactive compound: Boswellic acids 

Vitis vinifera extract
(Grape seed)

Bioactive compound: Procyanidins  

Withania somnifera extract (Ashwagandha)

Bioactive compound: Withanolides 

Piper nigrum extract
(Black pepper)

Bioactive compound: Piperine 

Our core value:


We founded STMNA Bioactives with sustainability in the forefront of our minds. Every business decision was made to have a positive impact on the planet, while maintaining quality and shelf life of our products.

Instead of using nasty single use plastic vitamin bottles that most supplement companies use, we use a refillable glass jar program. For your first month, you will receive a luxurious MIRON glass jar and each subsequent month, we send a fully recyclable refill pouch to fill your jar with. For more information, click on the link below.

Formulated by a Scientist

Meet Holly Williamson BSc (Hons).

Founder, lead Chemist and Formulator

Quote from the founder:

“I believe everybody wants to improve their health, but it’s hard to know which supplements are right for you, if you come along this journey with me you will learn exactly what you are taking and why it will benefit you specifically and that all you need is one daily dose of STMNA”.

  Still unsure?

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We have hundreds of subscribers who have taken our 'Healthspan' formulation.

Read these amazing transformations!

Regulated nervous system

I feel calmer now, I have been taking them for a year now and can’t see my routine without them. They have definitely helped regulate my nervous system 🙂

Avatar for Rachel

Longer lasting energy

After taking STMNA I have noticed longer lasting energy levels and less of a crash in the afternoon. This has been great as I do night shifts, I love knowing exactly where the ingredients come from and the fact they work together and benefit each other.

Avatar for Liz

6-Month Review

I have noticed reduced redness and inflammation of my dermatitis.

Avatar for Liz K.
Liz K.

1-Month review

I am feeling more alert and have more energy which is great. Great idea and environmentally friendly to have the refill pouches as opposed to bottles each time you order.

Avatar for Dawn

No Title

I really enjoy taking STMNA and have noticed a difference in my sleeping patterns (deeper) and my energy levels (higher).

Avatar for Vikki B
Vikki B

I am in love!

I am in love with your product! I have really enjoyed trialling it and looking into your company and what you have created. it is truly amazing! Healthspan has dramatically improved my gut health, I feel so much better on it!

Avatar for Maegan

Alyana C

STMNA Bioactives are incredible! They provide a boost of energy and support my overall well-being, Helping me feel amazing! Thank you STMNA!

Avatar for Anonymous

1-Month Review

I am sleeping better, not so tired as well, joint stiffness a little less.

Avatar for Anja M
Anja M

2 year review

Like everything, it takes time and consistency to see compounding results. The support from Holly over the last 2 years has been undoubtedly the most helpful.

Avatar for Min

12-month review

I felt the difference in the first two weeks. Sleep was so much better, no fog brain at 3 in the afternoon and helped me keep a decent weight. With these I am now able to control my stressful times much better. Thanks STMNA and Holly 🙂

Avatar for Louis B
Louis B